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Word “pyrography” was derived from Greek words “pyro” meaning “fire”, and “graphos” meaning “writing”, and represents a traditional form of art. Heated tip or a shining wire are used to scorch the wooden or some other surface . Nowadays, an electric pyrograph is being used that resembles a soldering iron and has replaceable tips different in diameter.

In this way a wide range of natural hues and shades is attained – such as sepia, or extremely dark dramatic effects.

Depending on the tip and temperature that’s being used, and the way in which the tip is laid against the surface, different effects can be achieved. Pyrography requires a lot of time and patience. It is entirely done by free hand, while each line and each dot are being drawn precisely. Potential mistakes can hardly be amended, and that’s why it is very important to have a clear idea of the final image as well as the array of dark and bright fields before the beginning of the process.

As a surface usually bright and soft wood is used. Linden, maple or poplar, as they have a subtle texture and hence provide good contrasts. However, some other types of wood are used sometimes, such as pine and oak. Pyrography is also applied on leather objects. Nowadays, leather is usually treated by various chemicals in the process of tanning, so poisonous gases are being released while scorching it, and therefore it is necessary to be very careful and get acquainted with the safety measures.

Pyrography provides vast possibilities for artistic expression, but it does not allow mistakes as corrections are usually an issue. Along with the contrasts made of light and shadows, achieving dramatic dark and pleasant sepia, creating different textures attained by using interchangeable tips of different shapes (sharp tips and blunt surfaces of different profiles), color can be used in the final stage, which gives a different dimension to the whole story.

For those who are not very skillful in drawing, copy paper is an option, but there are also books with drawing templates. Besides making full size paintings it is also possible to make various decorative details on objects that have practical usage. Moreover, pyrography is used for calligraphy on wood (titles, quotes, ads, etc.).

Pored kupovine već gotovih slika, moguća je i izrada po narudžbi. U tom slučaju neophodno je dostaviti fotografiju traženog motiva. Pirografski ispisujem potrebne tekstove (nazive firmi, kafića, hotela i ostalog po zahtevu) na punom drvetu ili šperploči.

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